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Exfoliating Before a Face Mask

I think it is really important to exfoliating your face before doing a face mask. You have to at least wash it. If you exfoliate, that can take the place of washing your face. You want a clean face before applying a mask.

If you apply a mask to a dirty face it will work on the dirt. Think about it, the layer of dirt is in the way of your skin getting the benefits of the mask. I will always wash my face or exfoliate it before I put on a mask. It is up to you which you do. I like to exfoliate because you are pampering yourself for those 15-ish minutes while you do the face mask, you should want it to really work on your skin.
If you wash the face that is fine, but exfoliating it really gets it clean and sloughs off the outer most skin cells, the dead ones, so that the mask can work wonders on the fresh new skin. If your skin is dry you might worry that it will make it worse. Actually, it will get rid of all of that gunk and smooth out the skin. Apply a moisturizing mask and follow it with some night cream for your face. You skin will be so smooth. If your skin is oily and full of zits, it will really pull out all of the oil and dirt. Follow that with a mud mask and toner and you skin will look better instantly.

The point here is; you should exfoliate before a face mask. It will clean off the skin better than just washing it with face soap. You will reap the benefits of the mask, and you will notice it works better on exfoliated skin than any other kind of skin.
Make sure you are using the right kind of exfoliant. Look for products that are designed for the face. You skin is more delicate there than your body. Never use a body scrub on your face, they are too harsh. Also, look for products that have "exfoliating beads in them". You want the actually bead that exfoliates the skin to be smooth and round. Never use anything with fruit pits in them. Like "Apricot Face Scrub" the exfoliants are from the pit of the apricot that they have smashed. It makes the exfoliants jagged around the edges and this is too harsh on the face. It will put tiny microscopic cuts on your face. These will be exposed to bacteria and cause you to break out. Big no no! Believe me, I know, I tried the St.Ives Apricot Face Scrub and my face was horribly broken out. Then I realized why. Dove has a nice exfoliating facial wash, and it has round micro-beads in the product that work well.

You acne use products like Dove every day, they are that gentle. Some you can use once a week, I would use these before the face mask. You can also use the Dove products. Make you face look it's best. Exfoliating does that because it gets rid of the build-up, the dead skin cells, and rejuvenates the face for new cell growth.
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