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There are all kinds of make up out there. I think the three easiest ways to differentiate between make ups are: brand names, price, and ingredients. Once you start trying new things and playing with your make up you will figure out what works best for you. For me, the price usually out weighs the rest. I am not one that can pay $150 for a tiny tube of moisturizer. Ingredients play a big role for me as well because it makes a difference on how it looks when being used and how it affects my face. If there is something that is going to break out my face, I will not use it. I like using natural things and now they are really coming out with the “mineral” make up. It causes less break outs. Brand names really do not matter to me. It is nice if you are very comfortable and love a certain brand. You can buy anything in their line and know you are going to like it and use it. I will go over all of the types and what to look for.

First, we are going to start with brand names. Common, widely used names will be more attractive to you. Brand names are important; if you like something you are going to tell your friends, and they are going to go to the store and pick out make up solely on the name. If you like a product, you are going to be willing to try anything else in their line, because you are going to associate the product with the brand name.
Next, is price, which is a huge factor in deciding on what to purchase. Most people cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on make up. The more expensive products usually equal nicer products and quality. The colors will complement your skin so much better. The products will effortlessly glide onto your face. Cheaper cosmetics will harder to apply, and they will not complement every skin color and tone. I am finding that if you spend a little more money you will get a much better product. You can go buy cheap products and then when they do not look good or work well, you just keep going to the cheap products. That all adds up, I think if you go for a middle range priced product you will end up saving money. One of the reason why is because picking out a flattering color is easier to do when you can try it on. Cheaper items are at Target and Wal-Mart, they are in packages; you cannot see what they look like on you. If you go middle to high priced, you are in the department stores and you can try stuff. Here you will also have help from the employees in choosing a color or product. There are pros and cons to both the pricier products and the cheaper products. From experience, I have found that if I want something different to try I will go to Target, and that way if I hate it- it will not be such a loss to toss it in the garbage. For things I will use everyday that are classics I will go to the department stores. Lipstick is something I will not buy at Target because the colors are so gross; they hardly look good on anyone. It is really nice to see what it actually looks like on your face. Sometimes I buy something and get home and wonder how it can look one color in the package and look the exact opposite when I put it on. Another pro to buying at a department store is that, if you watch for it, you can get the little freebie bags. It is a good way to try products and colors. I recommend buying middle priced items at the department store for most purchases. Another great thing about that is if you get it home and do not like it you can bring it back. Switch it out for another color, or refund. Just do not wait too long after buying the product to return it. They are hardly going to let you bring back something you bought a month ago that is half gone. You can also buy products on line or in catalogues. The only thing I have to say about this is to be really careful. The colors can be very deceiving. I think it is because the color will obviously look different on you than on paper or on the computer. I have put a lipstick I bought from a catalogue right up against the actual picture in the catalogue and my mouth dropped at the difference. Oh the other hand, I have bought from Sephora catalogues and on line and their colors are spot on. Make sure you are dealing with a great company, I think that is the only way I would trust them and the colors. Online shopping is a great thing, especially if you live up north like me, where there are no stores. Just be careful!

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Water Based or Oil Free Make Up:
While oil free make is just that, many water based makeup can and does contain oil. Keep that in mind if you want you make up oil free make sure the label says so.

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